Pot Cover Holder – D6013
Pot Cover Holder – D6013

Price: $42.90

Material: Stainless Steel

Color: Gloss Silver

Dimensions: W18cm x H33cm

Weight (g): 570

Weight limited(kg): 5.0

Create free space in kitchen and keep the lids for your pots and pans neat and organized with Paste-It pot cover holder. This lid rack can be applied to the inside cabinet door or kitchen tiles, allowing you to utilize the unused space. 

Directions of use:

  1. Make sure the surface is flat, smooth, clean and dry before application (Very Important!)
  2. Remove the plastic film.
  3. Avoid pasting on grout lines where possible.
  4. For maximum strength, push out as much air from the center area & press firmly against the surface for few seconds.
  5. Insert the rack into the hook from left to right or right to left. Now you are done & ready to use.

Plastic tray for collection of water droplets from cover.

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