Q: To what surfaces will Paste-It™ adheres to?
A: Tiles, Glass, Metal, Porcelain, Mirror, Plastic, Wood, laminate and Painted Wood*
*Strength may vary on different surface.
Not applicable for wall, wall papers

Q: What is the Applicable Temperature of Paste-It™?
-10 C ~ 40 C

Q: It is waterproof?
Paste it is waterproof as it is specially designed for bathroom/kitchen usage. The water resistant function can also withstand water vapour arises while bathing.

Q: What are some possible uses for Paste-It™?
Our hooks are very versatile and are perfect for everything ranges from bathroom accessories to kitchen utilities. It is also applicable to outdoor since it is formulated to withstand most weather conditions including rain, snow, and extreme temperatures. It can hold well to different areas such as doors, window panels as long as it is clean and smooth.

Q: what are the items not suitable to hang with Paste-It™?
We don’t recommend our customers to hang expensive and fragile items or anything that exceed the weight limit as indicated.

Q: Do we have any certificates to show it is non toxic?
Yes, kindly contact us for relevant details

Q: Can our products be customised?
Yes! In fact our product started off with customisation for individuals and corporates. However, it is subjected the minimum order quantity and timeline. For more information, please contact us and we will reply you asap.

Q: How long do I need to wait before application of Paste-It™?
Just 1 min to build strong adhesive to the surface. For best results, try pulling the hook gently before hanging.